Thursday, August 31, 2017

Flow chart writing

we have been using flow charts to make a good piece of writing, this is what I made.

Have you ever wanted to know more about cheetah cubs? Cheetahs are spotted big cats that are mostly found in Sub-Saharan Africa, they like dry places with long grass to hide in.

Firstly cheetahs don't have a proper mating season and just mate throughout the year. after mating the mother cheetah will carry the cubs for about 90 - 95 days and will raise the cubs by herself. Unlike some other cats the cubs are naturally born with spots and weigh 150g to 300g!

Secondly when the cubs are about 2 months old they will open their eyes and see the wild for the first time. When they are 4 months old they will be able to walk by themselves and at 6 months they will stop drinking mother's milk and start to eat proper food like meat

Thirdly when the cubs are 18 months old the mother will leave the cubs and the cubs will stay together for 6 more months until the females leave. When the females leave the males will stay together for the rest of their lives but the females will eventually split up and go restart the life cycle.

Finally For the rest of the female cheetahs life they will hunt sleep and mate, then they will raise the cubs like their mother did and continue the life cycle. they are also shot if the people think they are threatening their livestock even though cheetahs wont usually take food like that.

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal and are racing straight towards extinction! Only about 7,000 cheetahs are left, they have been driven out of their homes and sometimes killed for their fur to be sold at the black market, we need to act fast and save the cheetahs



Whether you throw your rubbish in the bin or drop it, it's always going to end up somewhere. It will either fly away and end up somewhere in the ocean or in the landfill, we could change things and maybe try to recycle the things that we can, maybe then we will have less rubbish flying around the streets. What happens to your rubbish when you throw it away?

Firstly, your rubbish that you throw in the bin goes to a landfill. A landfill is a huge hole in the ground that all your rubbish is dumped in. once the hole is full it is covered with dirt and a new hole is dug, did you know that there is a school field that is on top of a landfill? In maybe a couple thousand years the land we stand on will all be on top of a landfill!

Secondly, your rubbish could end up floating around in the ocean or in some sea creatures stomach. The rubbish that you just let go will eventually end up somewhere and that is almost always the ocean, a plastic bag could easily be mistaken for a nice snack for a turtle or a dolphin. Did you know that in the pacific ocean somewhere there are two swirling patches of rubbish, the eastern garbage patch and the western garbage patch. Do you want your rubbish in the ocean?

Finally rubbish packaging is bad for the environment, it could easily be replaced with recyclable materials and then we wouldn't have to worry about what the world will look like in maybe 50,000 years. I don't know if you worry but hopefully you will after this.

If we keep dumping rubbish our whole world will be a stinky disaster. Any time you cut yourself on a rock or something it will become infected and soon everyone will have infected cuts and there will be no more things to treat your wounds! What will we do then? Not very many people think it's important now but when that time comes everyone will freak out! It's better to be prepared than going into something blindly.

Friday, August 4, 2017

🦊 Fox 🦊

Foxes are much more interesting than just a red and white ball of fur that hunts in the forest. Have you ever wondered about fox pups?

Firstly, the mother carries the pups for about 53 days and are usually born between march and may. The fox babies are called kits there are about two to seven pups in a litter. after a month the kits will start to eat the food that the family gets for them, the mother and father will take turns caring for them and the older brothers and sisters will help by getting them more food.

Secondly Their mother will start to feed them live prey to play with and eat which gives them the skills they will need for hunting when they leave the den. 17.jpg

Lastly After 7 months the wolf pups will leave the den to go make a life for themselves. They will most likely live alone until mating season when they will find a den to live in with the father and give birth to the kits.

The lifecycle of the fox will continue repeating itself if you can help stop fox hunting then we can save these beautiful creatures. There are about 240,000 foxes left in the world and the number drops everyday. SAVE THE FOXES PEOPLE!!

i thought this piece of writing was a fun challenge although i had a little bit of trouble making my facts flow together but otherwise it was fun.