Friday, June 8, 2018

Narrative writing

He rubs his wooly black beard and flicks through the pages of the nearest book, the desk is a right mess. Mumbling to himself, his words muffled under his beard as he turns  
back to the potion stand. The clinking of the jars wander the air in the room. He checks his book and rubs his beard in frustration, “If this doesn't work I don't know what will” he grumbles. Gingerly he raises a bottle to examine a clear liquid, he shrugs his shoulders and tipped it into the other bottle in one of the stands. “This had better work” he grumbled. He stares at the mingling liquids. Nothing happens. He growls showing his clear frustration stares down the page of his book maddly. A few minutes go by and he still cant find out why it didn't work, suddenly a fizzing noise enters the mingled noises of pages flicking and himself grumbling. He turns his head searching for the source of the sound that interrupted his thoughts and finds his gaze settled upon the potions that he had mixed, a vibrant red mixed with yellow on the surface bubbles and glistens, it looks like a galaxy of emotions, colours spread so quickly. Fascination sweeps across the man's eyes. “It worked!” he gleefully shouted. “Shhh” An old lady poked her head around the door. “You will scare the customers” she laughed.

Friday, May 11, 2018


Rubbish is the predator that's killing most of our underwater life and causing the dolphins to be
endangered. It may not seem like much when you have it in the palm of your hand but if you fail to
bring it to the rubbish bin it could become the reason for an animals death. Even when you do put it in the
bin it seems to go nowhere better, I encourage you to try and use as little plastic as possible. The rubbish
that gets put in the bin mostly goes to a landfill. Maybe if this continues then underneath our feet will
always be a pile of rubbish underground.

Firstly rubbish is killing our ocean wildlife. Turtles may mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, dolphins may
mistake a chip packet for a fish, and its not only our ocean wildlife,Our beaches are also being hurt by
rubbish being washed up on the beach from the ocean. One day maybe all of our beaches and under
the earth we stand on will be rubbish, what will the world do by the time that there is no more room for
more landfills?

Secondly, Our beaches and our grassy fields and forests are also being hurt by rubbish, for beaches
the rubbish is being washed up on the beach from the ocean. Our land is just being dug up so that
trucks full of rubbish can come and dump it in them. One day maybe all of our beaches and under
the earth we stand on will be rubbish, what will the world do by the time that there is no more room
for more landfills?

lastly it's also killing our land animals. Not only our ocean wildlife are being harmed by rubbish, our
native birds are eating it and dying, plastic doesn't help them survive possums and other threats that
the world has for them, so why do we need to make it worse for them? Our native birds and animals
need to be able to feel at least a little bit safe in their homes.                                                                                                          

Each year we use more and more rubbish so each year more and more landfills will need to be
created, more and more rubbish will fly away into the ocean and more and more of our beaches will
end up being polluted and unable to be explored. Help stop this beautiful world we live in become one
big city and landfill.

Reflection : I like this project but I have been writing the same things for a long long time and its getting
sort of boring
What I found easy : Writing the main thing because I have written about it heaps
What I found hard : Trying to find NEW ideas 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Kawakawa Primary Marae

The importance of our Marae

I think the Kawakawa Primary Marae is important, The Marae has been up for
over 5 years and it's still looking amazing today. Everytime we sing every morning
in there we are singing to our ancestors which is respecting them, the Marae is a
memory of all the people who have been at this school, they were staff members
or students or anyone who was related to the school who has passed away have
their photos up there. Singing for them is a way of respecting their memory. It
represents us.

The Marae is an old building of Kawakawa primary, it's been standing for over 8
years. If you were to look back in google maps at photos of kawakawa primary
you would see the photo of the school had been taken in 2013, therefor proving
the marae has been up for over 5 years at least. Photos of our schools staff
members or students that had passed away have been put up in the marae in their
memory for respect, as we sing every morning for them, respecting them and
keeping their memory alive.

Our Marae is important because it represents us in a way, Powhiris are up when a
new student comes to the school, they are welcomed with a haka (usually), some
songs and mihi. The songs we sing in the Marae represent us, the Mihi represents
our school, and so on so on. Our school is special with the Marae, it keeps our
school alive and it keeps the memories of our ancestors alive.

In conclusion I think our Marae is very important to our school. It represents our school,
it's a home for our ancestors keeping their memory alive and it's been a part of
Kawakawa primary for over 8 years.

What I found easy: I think it was easy to get the good ideas about our marae
What I found hard: I'm more used to argument writing so it was a little more difficult just explaining it all.
What I enjoyed: Just sitting and writing 😁 
Reflection: This writing was sort of difficult but easy to finish quickly, for once I got this done in the correct time frame! That's sort of new to me I guess.

Friday, March 9, 2018

🌊Sharks paragraph🦈


Sharks can be found in most oceans such as,  Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern oceans, but they do not swim in the Antarctic because the water is too cold. They can also be found in lakes that don't have salt water and some rivers. There are around 250 species of sharks including, great white, tiger shark, bull shark, whale shark, nurse shark, hammerhead and many many more. Most sharks have a light grey back and white belly, they have a sleek shape letting them get through the water quickly, they can be identified by their dorsal fin, they have 2 rows of sharp teeth and they have large round eyes, with a sharks good eyes they allow them to see colour at different levels of light. Like cats they have a mirror like layer in the back of their eyes which is called tapetum lucidum giving them amazing eyesight. It is said that sharks can smell a single drop of blood from miles away, however it is known for sure that sharks have much better sense of smell than humans. Most sharks eat small fish and invertebrates (invertebrates are an animal lacking a backbone) bigger sharks will eat seals, sea lions and other water animals. Sharks only eat humans when they are confused or curious, they pretty much take a bite of a human and then spit it back out in disgust, they wouldn't eat a full human on purpose.

What we learnt: We were learning to make a good paragraph and put our ideas in order
What I enjoyed: writing everything down in the paragraph
What was difficult: putting the facts into the right orders
Reflection: This was fun and easy, I like writing so it was fun to write